Sellers Want Realtors to Suggest Renovation Projects

The last thing a homeowner wants to deal with when selling their home is a remodel project. Selling your home can be stressful enough! Who wants to add one more “little” thing to the list? Nobody. In most cases, a seller is happy to receive the help of a knowledgeable agent so they can maximize the sale value of their home. Enlisting the help of a seasoned professional can be a complete game-changer for a plethora of valuable reasons throughout the transaction. When it comes to making some necessary pre-sale renovations to your property, you’ll want to find a Realtor who knows the local market and can make the best recommendations. Here are some questions a seller might ask and answers regarding home renovations on a property listed for sale.  

Should I Renovate My House Before Listing it?

  You’ll find mixed answers to this question because so much depends on the local market of the listed property. Do you have to renovate your house? Not always. Though it might not always be financially wise to completely renovate a home before listing it, there are certainly some very important renovations needed before a home can be put on the market to sell for a good price. This list of non-negotiables might include any kind of structural or foundational repairs needed. This is where enlisting the help of your agent comes into play. The right listing agent will let you know what people in your market are eager to see in a purchased home. Based on their expert knowledge, some may wisely suggest you should focus your attention on updating the bathrooms in your home, and leave the kitchen alone. Others may say the opposite because of the current market demands. They can steer you in the right direction of what to change and what to stage, ultimately helping you get the best deal for your home.  

Is staging my home for potential buyers enough?

  First impressions are everything; staging a home can make a world of a difference in the eyes of a buyer and is a more cost-effective way of upgrading your property. However, it’s not always about making everything look brand new in a home, but rather about helping a potential buyer to see their dream home in a given house. This might require some renovations, but the degree to which you need to spend your money will vary. You may look at your old bathroom and think you need a complete overhaul, whereas your agent may simply suggest a new faucet to update the look for a potential buyer. When you look at your outdated kitchen, your agent should be able to let you know if the market in your area requires you to put in new flooring and cabinets or simply slap a coat of fresh paint on your current ones. Curb appeal is important and a simple way to increase the face value of your home is to simply clean up your yard of any clutter and overgrown plants. It’s important to find a great agent to walk you through this part of the process who will educate you on possible profits you relinquish by forgoing certain key presale renovations. Your agent can also help you educate yourself on renovation loan options if needed. In some cases, bringing up a renovation loan to a potential buyer is a great route to take. This allows for the buyer to get approved for a high loan that gets dispersed in increments to cover the cost of necessary renovations on a fixer-upper home. Your listing agent can also use appropriate jargon in explaining the details of your property based on their knowledge of the local housing market. This is one of the reasons aligning with a knowledgeable agent is such an important step in selling or buying property. If your market is saturated with buyers looking for a deal, use language that appeals to that audience. If there are plenty of buyers wanting a fixer-upper, speak to that audience using descriptive words that let them know the property is perfect for them.  

What is a real estate agent’s role in home renovations?

  Ultimately, there are many ways an agent can support their client through the renovation process, outside of picking up a hammer and completing the renovations themselves. Having a conversation about how your agent can be involved is a great conversation to have early on in the transaction. A great agent is going to understand the local market and make recommendations that will increase the overall value of your sale. Presale home renovations may not be necessary for every house, but be certain to listen to your agent’s key recommendations as you go through the process of selling your home. In some cases, putting in the money to upgrade your property may have an immense payoff at the close of the sale! In other cases, your agent may recommend some simple design fixes at a small cost for a large return. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Brevard County, call Misty Morrison today to make sure you have the best possible buying or selling experience. Call Misty today at 321-209-1523.
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