Relocating Consumers Focus on Pets’ Happiness Too

More than half of Americans share their home with a pet, the vast majority of those furry friends being cats and dogs. With a statistic like that, the odds are high that if you’re reading this, you’re one of the 70% of Americans who enjoy sharing their home with a cat or dog — perhaps that furry friend is even sitting next to you as you read this article! How much sway do pets have for those looking to purchase a new home? As it turns out… a lot! Are you one of the many people who would turn down a perfect home if it didn’t accommodate your favorite animal?

House Hunting with a Pet

In a recent survey, 68% of the 2,000 people surveyed responded that they would pass on a great house if it didn’t suit the needs of their pet. This means that even during the extremely lean housing inventory, people were choosing to say no to homes that didn’t measure up to their pets’ needs. Other surveys have shown similar results, making it clear to real estate agents pets are a major deciding factor in home ownership.
For those considering their beloved pets and looking to purchase a new home, there are a few more highly sought after features than those purchasing a home with no pets. While some of these may seem more obvious than others, here are some of the best features of a pet-friendly home to put on your “must have” list.

Homes with Large Yards

In the same survey from above, the first must have pet lovers search for in a new home is a large, open yard. Who doesn’t want their dog to have a spacious yard to maximize playtime? Even a smaller breed needs some space to run and explore. A roomy backyard also gives owners options for installing fences, unless the property is already fenced in. Speaking of fences, these are also a pretty big must have feature for pet owners, particularly those with four-legged friends with a bark.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Make sure to research what plants are filling your landscape, as some might be toxic to cats, dogs and other animals. For example, some ferns and azaleas are toxic if consumed. A quick Google search will help you find the information you need to keep your family pet safe from consuming something that will likely make them ill.

Homes with lots of square footage

Homes with ample square footage are always a hot commodity, but pet owners seem to make this a higher priority than those who don’t have to worry about giving space for a litter box or a pet sprinting through their living room. If you’re not having luck finding a house with the exact square footage you’re hoping for, finding one with an open floor plan helps solve the problem too.

A Room for Your Pet, Mud Room

Pet owners tolerate a lot of things, but nobody wants to smell a litter box permeating the house or see a dog’s muddy pawprints on their freshly cleaned floors. Many pet owners would advise on searching for a home with a mud room so your pet has a space to make a little mess and not disturb the entire house. These can also be great spaces to include a wash sink for the dog, if one isn’t already there!

Pet-Friendly Homes Mean Pet-Friendly Flooring

Carpet might not be the best idea with so much fur running around your home, but if you have to keep the carpet, try to get a color that’s the same color as your pet. As you likely know, cats, dogs (and anything that wants to use carpet as a restroom) can be a bad combination for several unfortunate reasons.
For large dogs, look for tile or other non-porous surfaces. For smaller dogs, hardwood flooring is a fantastic option. Ultimately, search for a flooring that’s easy to clean and won’t get scratched up! Remember that although tile is nice, especially if you live in a warm & sunny state like Florida, the grouting between the tiles can be hard to keep looking clean for years to come. Request your agent show you houses with these things in mind.

Other Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

A few other tips and tricks for a more pet-friendly home include using easy-to-clean materials for things like bedding and blankets, making sure water bowls are set atop a plastic sheet to ensure no water damage is created on floors or floor boards, and having a designated area in your home for pet supplies. For the really dedicated pet parents, consider using colors throughout the home that match the color of the fur that will inevitably be throughout your house too. Pet owners can even hide a dog crate by placing it in an area where it serves a dual purpose as a decorative table top.

Pet Conscious Realtor

With the increased emphasis on house hunters wanting homes that measure up to the needs of their favorite pets, animal-loving real estate agents like Misty Morrison are ready to find your entire family a perfect, pet-friendly home. Contact one of Brevard’s best, Misty Morrison at 321-209-1523. She will help get you, and the furrier members of your family, the home of your dreams.


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