Highest and Best Offer at Bridgewater at Viera, Florida

Why choose Bridgewater at Viera? 

If you’re 55 years young or above and looking for the perfect 55+ community to live in, the question should really be, “Why NOT choose Bridgewater at Viera?” With so many incredible amenities and quality homes available, your options are plenty. Highlighting some of Florida’s natural beauty, Bridgewater is located next to several of the state’s most beautiful beaches and natural wonders.

In addition to its natural beauty, Bridgewater is built near a variety of great restaurants, shopping centers and other local attractions. This safe and gated community also boasts a variety of newly built homes, designed with the utmost quality and a keen eye for design. And if golf is your game, Bridgewater is the place for you, as it is located very near a wide variety of courses. Residents with an affinity for golf may also be happy to see that Bridgewater is a cart-friendly community. Active adults who desire to live near easy access to a swimming pool, fitness center, golf courses and more, are perfect for active adult communities like Bridgewater at Viera.

Enjoy many of the benefits of living in a 55+ community by choosing Bridgewater at Viera. Homes sell quickly and are sold using the “highest and best offer” system. Here’s what you’ll want to know about putting an offer in on a brand new home in Bridgewater. 

What does “highest and best” mean? 

 As mentioned, these properties can sell quickly and the market is hot – currently, there is no active inventory available for new construction in Bridgewater. In such a competitive market, Lennar Home Builders, similar to many other builders, are now using the Highest and Best Approach when it comes to releasing lots. Under these circumstances, when so many offers get submitted, sellers request that buyers submit their highest and best offer up front. This method means there are no counter offers made and can prove to be the most efficient way for an offer the buyer approves of to be accepted. The seller will present a deadline, by which all offers must be submitted in order to be accepted. In such a competitive market, how can you ensure your highest and best offer is the one accepted? Here are a few tips.

How to get a “highest and best” offer accepted.

Trust your Realtor.

You want to have a lot of trust in the Realtor you’re working with in a highest and best offer scenario. Finding someone who knows the local market and has experience with these type of offers will prove to be very helpful and could make the difference of getting accepted or denied. Find someone who is competent and knowledgeable to rely on. 

Consider being flexible with mortgage terms.

Despite being called “highest and best,” your offer could still be accepted without being the “highest,” but rather by being the “best.” Consider not asking for terms that go above what the seller is willing to include. In a competitive situation, don’t be too picky or demanding because a seller likely wants to work with a buyer who is easy to work with. 

Don’t wait for the last minute.

Sellers will commonly post a deadline, but don’t wait until the last minute to submit your highest and best! Sellers may receive a great offer up front and accept it right away out of fear of not receiving better. Consider getting pre-approved so you’re able to honestly say how much you can offer early in the process.

Ultimately, you don’t have to let a “highest and best” situation dissuade you from considering living in a great community like Bridgewater at Viera. Understanding how to increase your likelihood of your offer being accepted will give you the confidence you need in finding the perfect home in a community you will love. 

Although the home-buying process doesn’t greatly differ from a more traditional purchase there are real estate agents who can explain the nuances of joining one of these communities and entering into a “highest and best” offer system. Misty Morrison, is one of these agents. She is a certified specialist in 55+ communities who can provide assistance in choosing the perfect location, so you can experience the pros of living in a 55+ community like Bridgewater at Viera! Call today 321-209-1523

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