Why is Everyone Moving to Florida?

In the midst of a global pandemic, a red hot housing market, and a declining population in several of the country’s largest states…. Florida is booming! Why are so many people moving to Florida, and what about Florida is causing residents of other states to relocate to sunnier skies?

Between 2010 and 2020, according to the US Census data, Florida’s population grew 14.6% — that’s 2.7 million people coming to Florida! This dramatic increase begs the question, “Why?” These dramatic shifts don’t simply happen by chance. Dissimilar to what most might assume, it’s not only retirees who are moving to Florida, but rather an array of people. While there are several obvious reasons, there are also some not-so-obvious reasons why people are choosing to relocate.

The weather in Florida is beautiful.

This is one of the more obvious attractions of the Sunshine State. It’s estimated Florida has over 200 days of sunshine on average, making it a fantastic place to be if you’re tired of shoveling your driveway before work on cold January mornings. Even with the threat of hurricanes, the idea of going to the beach or exploring a national park in February entices enough people to plant roots near the coast. If you’re the kind of person who wants to walk their dog without putting on some snow boots, Florida is the place to be. Between April 2020-April 2021, it seems many people realized they’d rather work from a home-office in Florida, than New Jersey, creating one reason why the population grew by a substantial 329,717 people in one year.

World-Class Beaches in Florida

Brevard County in particular has 72-miles of beaches to explore and plenty of wildlife and pristine nature to discover. While there are an abundance of places throughout the country that can boast great beaches, none of them come matched with a low cost of living like Florida. California has some incredible waterfront property, but residents pay the price with such a high cost of living. Florida’s generally low cost of living is another reason so many choose to relocate.

There’s no state income tax in Florida.

Speaking of low cost of living, Florida is one of the few states in the country that has no state income tax. As mentioned, the overall cost of living in Florida is lower in general, but new residents often see a decrease in property taxes (1%) compared to other states.

Businesses are relocating to Florida too, not just people.

Florida has remained largely open during the pandemic, which has enticed some families and businesses to relocate. The tech industry is booming in Florida and several large companies within the industry are relocating their headquarters to the state, as well. Large businesses outside of the tech sector are also shifting toward having their headquarters in the Sunshine State. This creates more jobs, and aides in Florida’s thriving economy, benefiting all who live there.

Benefits of living in Florida.

Residents of Florida get discounts at some of the world’s greatest theme parks, Disney being just one of them! Floridians have the option of living near incredible beaches and unique wildlife habitats. In addition to this, golf enthusiasts love the plethora of great courses available.

Whether you’re single, a family of 5, retired or just getting started in your career, there are certainly a great combination of reasons to establish some roots in Florida. It’s no wonder as many as 900 people a day are moving to the state. If you’re looking at living in Brevard County and need to find a new home or would like to build a brand new house that suits your specific needs, contact one of Brevard’s best, Misty Morrison at 321-209-1523. She will help get you the home of your dreams.

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