Things to Prepare for During Hurricane Season

Living in Brevard County means lots of sunshine and days spent at some of the many beautiful beaches throughout the area. Golfing on a Tuesday afternoon in the month of December is not out of the question for residents of Florida! All the wonderful perks of living in the Sunshine State come with the unfortunate downside of… Hurricanes. Here are a few helpful tips for hurricane season if you’re new to owning property in Florida.

Tips for Preparing for Hurricane Season

With hurricanes come the threat of heavy rainfall, flooding, extremely high winds, rip currents and even tornados. Sounds fun, right? With each of these occurrences comes the risk of damage to your property and the residents of the communities they impact. There are a few ways in which you can safeguard your property (and your loved ones!) from damage throughout hurricane season. Beyond preparing to literally evacuate your home (make sure you have a full tank of gas and a fully charged cell phone!), here are some precautions you may take to weather the storms that head your way.

Anchor down anything that can be blown away or can’t be brought indoors. The first and easiest way to protect yourself and your stuff is to simply move anything outside of your home that could be blown away into a safe space inside. Patio furniture becomes a weapon in the midst of extreme wind and it’s easy and quick to move inside. Pool supplies, large potted plants and lawn decor are other easy examples. If you have a shed or outdoor cabinets & storage, make sure they’re strongly anchored to the ground. Covering your air conditioning unit also shields it from flying debris – and in Florida, you want air conditioning!

Prune loose branches and landscaping. Another simple precautionary measure to take includes making sure your trees are pruned of any large or loose branches. Nobody wants part of their outdoor tree to come crashing into their living room while it’s pouring rain! You might also consider choosing landscaping that won’t shatter your windows or tear apart the siding on your house.

Store important documents somewhere you can quickly grab them. You know those really important documents that you forget exist until you really need them? Make sure those are somewhere safe and in a location you can quickly grab them. These might include birth certificates, a marriage license, social security cards, insurance documents, etc.

Pack a storm kit. First, for those who are new to hurricane preparations…What is a storm kit and what should you put in a storm kit? Also known as an emergency kit, this basic kit should provide you with what you need if you have to shelter in place or in a local facility for a couple days. A flashlight, extra batteries, bottled water, an old radio and a first aid kit are a few good suggestions to start with. Some families include a change of clothes and pillows too. What would you want if you were stranded inside your home or at a local shelter for a couple nights? It’s also wise to make sure you have a full tank of gas and a fully charged phone, as previously mentioned, prior to a storm hitting. Many residents even choose to keep a stock-pile of plywood for emergencies.

Don’t forget to include prescription drugs for you and your pets within your kits. You don’t want to be caught without necessities like this for days at a time!

Install storm shutters to protect your windows. Most Floridians understand the need for some extra protection for their windows soon after they experience the strength of hurricane winds. They might not be the look you’re going for when you’re house hunting, but you’ll be thankful you have them! Applying some additional latches or hooks to strengthen your garage door, outside facing doors and roof so they don’t blow away is another smart precaution to take.

In addition to these tips, make sure you know how to shut off your electric and water lines, and sign up for any community alerts you can receive from local officials. While there are certainly other ways to prepare for hurricane season, this simple list will help you be on your way to feeling safe and prepared if the threat of a hurricane arises.

And remember, when hurricane season is over, it’s back to sunshine and warm weather!

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