Things to do in Brevard County

Truly, there is nowhere else in the world quite like Brevard County. It’s unique location on the east coast of Central Florida and close proximity to the nation’s space program create a one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers, adventurists and those who simply want to pass the day soaking in the sun with a book and a beach chair. Whether you’re searching for fun things to do in Brevard County because you’re considering a potential move or because you’re planning a vacation; here’s a list of fun ways to spend your days in Brevard.


Outdoor Adventure & Exploration

Airboat rides through the everglades of Melbourne or a helicopter tour of the Space Coast through Beachside Helicopters are great ways to catch a glimpse of the uniquely beautiful Florida landscape. Tours in waters home to 4,400 species of fish and birds, dolphins and other wildlife are another great way to see landscapes only the Space Coast can offer. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is 140,000 acres of nationally protected saltwater marshes, coastal dunes and habitats specific to Florida. It’s home to more than 1,500 species of plants and animals and 15 federally protected species, giving space for nature-lovers to lose themselves in hours of outdoor exploration.

The Indian River Lagoon (and the entire Space Coast) is one of the top six places in the entire world known for bioluminescence. Sometimes referred to as “nature’s glow sticks,” tiny organisms living in the water produce a unique glow when the water is disturbed, creating a light show under the waves that can be clearly seen on dark evenings. Tours are available for enjoying this very special occurrence. Make sure to catch a tour between July and September on one the darkest nights of the month for the best possible experience.

The Florida manatee (also lovingly referred to as “sea cows”) are the largest in the world and the space coast provides lots of protection and viewing options for the thousands of manatees that call the Indian River Lagoon in Brevard County home. Beyond the manatees, there are an abundance of charters and opportunities for world-class fishing in Brevard County – Bonsteel Park and Sebastian Inlet State Park to name two.

Interested in grabbing a surfboard and making a splash? The excellent east coast surfing in Brevard County brings a lot of people, experienced or novice, to the beaches. Sebastian Inlet and R.C.’s have long standing reputations as some of the best surfing spots in the country, but are probably best for the more experienced surf enthusiasts. If you’ve never picked up a surfboard, but have always wanted to try, check out Indialantic Boardwalk so you’ll have more space to catch your own break or consider taking lessons from a surf shop in Cocoa Beach.

In under an hour’s drive from Brevard County sits Orlando and many of the most incredible amusement parks in the nation! Florida residents get special discounts at most of these locations too!



If a beach day is more what you’ve had in mind, the beaches in Brevard County are undeniably some of the best. Different beaches have different personalities, so be sure to find one that suits your needs. Of the 72-mile stretch of beaches in Brevard, there’s a spot for everyone.

If you’re looking for a family friendly beach in Brevard County, Sebastian Inlet State Park, James H. Nance Park, Sidney Fischer Park and Jetty Park are great first options. Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach has lifeguards present year round too, which many families love to see!

If you’re hoping to bring one of the furrier members of your family along for the day, the most dog-friendly beach in Brevard County is Canova Beach. Other beaches might provide dog parks nearby, but you’ll enjoy the beach with your pup a lot more at Canova Beach.

Playalinda Beach and Juan Ponce de Leon Lansing are known for being a bit quieter and a bit less crowded than the others, so if you’re truly wanting to relax, head over to one of these two. Don’t forget to grab your sunglasses!



Of course, Brevard County can’t be mentioned without discussing why it’s been named The Space Coast. Brevard is home to America’s Space Program and boasts some fantastic ways to encounter space from here on Earth. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex is a great experience for people of all ages and is one of the best space attractions across the globe.

Plan on finding the perfect viewing spot for one of the rocket launches on the Space Coast, which are happening right now, more than ever. A schedule of upcoming launches can be found at: . Space View Park, The American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame & Sands Space are other great space exploration activities for the whole family.


Dining in Brevard County

Excellent restaurants in Brevard County range from locations with an abundance of fresh seafood to delicious diners serving up steak and eggs (known to be a favorite of astronauts). Breweries in Brevard County are also quickly becoming a favorite spot to relax with friends. In short, dining experiences throughout the county will impress the toughest of critics and the pickiest of eaters.


Enjoy Brevard as a Resident or Visitor

After staying a few days, visitors to Brevard County might find themselves wanting a more permanent life in the Space Coast. If that’s you, finding the right real estate professional to guide you through understanding all the details is key. Consult a local professional realtor in the Space Coast like Misty Morrison to help get you the home of your dreams. Call today 321-209-1523.

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